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Come for the nails, stay for the experience.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter nail care. Our salon provides personalized service that leaves you feeling confident and beautiful. Visit our salon and see what sets us apart from the rest.

"My nails are healthier then they’ve ever been! These women are a mix of years of experience, medically conscientious, raw artistic talent, and business savvy all rolled into this dope salon! These ladies are head and shoulders above the competition, and they are a joy to be around!"

Daree Jordan

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"Private Beach is the best nail salon in the Five Cities area. Once you visit, you will never go back to where you had previously gone. This salon is an old-school salon. They take their time with the quality of work, it's excellent! I highly recommend visiting Private Beach Salon and getting to know them. I won’t go any place else!"

Stacy Wise

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"If you're looking for a private, low-key, personal experience, this is the place. It's a small, clean, nicely decorated, family owned and run nail salon. The owners provide a personal touch that is often missing at bigger, in-and-out type nail salons."

Violet Joy

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Our Team

Relax and unwind with us at Private Beach.

We believe that every guest deserves unique nail care that exceeds their expectations. Our expert team takes the time to understand your unique needs and preferences, providing a truly customized experience from start to finish.